I will explain code for Xamarin(iOS) in C# but relatable to native iOS

In the above list “HeaderModel” will be used…

Recycler View With Sticky Headers & Multiple Layout (Kotlin , View Binding)

Here we will look on how to inflate multiple views in a recycler view and put a sticky header
For complete code : GitHub

Adapter code for recycler view

Activity Code where recycler view is intialized
In OnScrollChanged method inside RvStickyScroll code for header is written

Whenever on top of…

Hello everyone, we have seen examples of how to drag items and reorder in same recycler view,
In this post we will see how to transfer items between recycler views

Note:- Below code is in C# but is relatable to java android (very slight difference)

Dragging items between two recycler views

(Refer images for complete source…

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